How to Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle

A question I’ve been grappling with a long time:

Is there an ideal lifestyle for myself?

Some unfiltered thoughts:

1. Freedom above all

For myself, I value my personal freedom over any other good. If you could offer me 100 pink Lamborghinis (with the scissor doors) or my freedom, I would choose my freedom. If you offered me a trillion dollars or my freedom, I would choose my freedom.

I had a thought:

Even if you were making a ton of money doing something you hate, would it be worth it?

Obviously not, because the money has no utility for you if you don’t even have the free time to go out and spend it! And while spending money is fun, it isn’t fun enough to offset the misery of working slave-like conditions you hate.

2. The ideal lifestyle as not being forced to do things you don’t want to do

Another thought:

The ideal lifestyle should be determined for you not by determining things you want to do, but things YOU DON’T WANT TO DO!

3. Be an “asshole”

This is what I realized:

When others call you arrogant, stubborn, or an “asshole”, people are really saying: “How dare you not obey me!” or “How dare you act in a way which is contrary to how I act!”

Thus, if you want to live your own ideal lifestyle, you must become an “asshole” in the sense that you must become more selfish, self-centered, and self-focused.

4. Why doesn’t society want us to be selfish?

Why does society classify the word “selfish” as being synonymous with “evil”?

This how society controls us, and keeps us as being obedient sheeple.

Society doesn’t want us to be independent, eagles flying solo. Society wants us to be dependent on institutions, dependent on rules which keep society “running swimmingly”.

If you want to live an ideal lifestyle for yourself, you must NOT live a life to benefit “society”, or else you will get suckered into living a slave-like existence.

5. Control over all

In life, our #1 goal is control over our own life. We will never trade anything for our own control and freedom in our life.

We would not accept a trillion dollars, if it meant we would no longer have control or freedom in our life.

An ideal lifestyle is a life in which we can wake up every morning with no obligations, no heaviness on our mind, and no petty stresses.

We don’t desire control over others, we just want control of ourselves.

6. Lifestyle isn’t consumerist

coffee machine

Lifestyle isn’t traveling, and showing off your lifestyle on Instagram, and trying to get others jealous or your lifestyle.

We don’t desire the lifestyle of anyone else. That means we feel zero ounces of envy or jealousy towards others.

Our lifestyle is this:

We desire to have the simplest lifestyle in order for us to focus producing our own artwork.

We are producers, makers, and creators; not passive consumers and followers.

We are the taste makers and the trendsetters.

Above all, we only obey ourselves and our own needs.


Living a lifestyle which is ideal for you requires you to be bold, brazen, and courageous enough to attend to your own personal needs.

Ignore others, focus on yourself.

Never lose faith in yourself, and never stop going hard!