How Should You Live Your Life?

There is no one “right” or “wrong” way to live your life. Ignore all “lifestyle” experts, and dictate for yourself how you want to live your own life.

I cannot speak for you, but let me share some lessons I’ve learned about myself; ideas which have given me direction and purpose in life:

  1. Focus on producing and making things: I believe in the philosophy of “producerism”: focusing on creating and producing things, ideas, knowledge, and tools. For myself, making things is always more fun, enjoyable, and empowering than mere consumption. Obviously we must also consume, but perhaps we can focus 90% of our efforts on producing, and only 10% of our energy on consuming.
  2. Become wiser: Seek more wisdom for yourself by reading philosophy, by questioning yourself, and attempting to follow your personal curiosity. Furthermore, strive to share your findings and discoveries with others via your own website or blog.
  3. Extract the maximum from every moment of the day: Always seek to maximize every moment of your day, by using your time in a concentrated and meaningful way.

There is no right way to live your life

This is the sucker mistake I made in life:

I thought the secret to living the best life was hidden in some secret philosophy book.

However I think the truth is this:

Nobody is like you. Thus, only you know how to live your life in the most agreeable way to yourself.

Ruthless self-experimentation

Every day, I’m always experimenting how to live my life. Some things which I am doing right now, which works well for me:

  1. Don’t eat breakfast or lunch, fast until dinner: This has given me more power, focus, energy and vigor throughout the day. Furthermore, I sleep better at night.
  2. Don’t eat before lifting at the gym, and go to the gym at least once everyday, in order to gain more energy, power, and creative ideas. I always get my best creative ideas while at the gym, either while I’m working out, or when I’m in the sauna in the gym.
  3. Follow a “ketogenic” diet: Rich in fatty meats, eggs, leafy greens. Absolute abstinence from sugars, simple starches, and carbohydrates. Result: Increased muscle mass, and reduction of body fat tissue.


Photo by Julien Catella in Montreal

I only learned that these things worked for myself, by constantly experimenting with myself. Of course this won’t work for you, but it might.

The lesson is:

Never take the word of others; always self-experiment for yourself.

Memento mori

Another thing which has helped me live a more fulfilling life:

I ask myself, “If I were to die tonight in my sleep, would I be satisfied with how I used my day today?”

Because the truth is you ever know when you will die! You might die tonight in your sleep, you might die today in a traffic accident, or from some unknown food allergy.

Once again, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to live your life. What you want to do is discover how you can live a more meaningful, fulfilling, and epic life (according to your own metrics).

Extract the maximum from your life. You only have this life to live. Why squander it?



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