How to Express Yourself via Photography

Express: to press out your creative force and power:

Self-expression is essential for us. We all have a desire to discharge our inner creative force. If we are not given the opportunity to press this creative force out of ourselves, this leads to inner-discord. Perhaps the inability to express ourselves in a bold, authentic, and brazen way is what leads to a lot of mental problems such as depression, anxiety, or fear. 

As a photographer, you express your creative force with photographs. You can craft your own version of reality by making photos that give you the opportunity to flex your creative power and muscles.

Art is interesting, because it offers us another avenue or channel for us to discharge our inner-creative force.

Some of us discharge our strength by powerlifting, some of us through the art of debate, or through sports or any other mental/physical platform which allows for battle, victory, and overcoming. 

How to express yourself through photography 

  1. When you’re feeling cooped up inside the office or at home, go for a walk with your camera (you can just bring a small camera, like a RICOH GR II or your phone) and just shoot whatever interests you. This allows you to exercise and discharge your creative forces; it is like relieving our creative constipation. 
  2. Photograph whatever interests you, whatever you find beautiful, for your own needs and purposes. We all photograph for different reasons; the reason why you shoot doesn’t need to apply to others. Seek inner-wisdom by figuring out for yourself, “Why do I make photos?” 
  3. Enjoy the process of editing (selecting) your photos, as well as processing your photos. Discover an aesthetic style which looks beautiful to you, by experimenting with different filters, presets, or cameras. 

Above all, have fun! Treat photography like playing. 

A child discharges their creative power and forces by playing, and becoming a little demigod in themselves. See how children delight in building things, then destroying them!

Shoot on,