Your Purpose in Life is to Make Art

I just finished re-watching the film “Scarface”, and I was struck by the idea:

Once you have it all, then what?

Shouldn’t there be more to life than eating, fucking, snorting, drinking, smoking, driving, buying, watching, and engaging in sensual pleasures?

Let us imagine; once you have a big house, fancy sports cars, a bunch of money in the bank, all the fancy cameras, all the newest Apple products, fancy watches, clothes, whatever; then what?

We are happiest while we’re in the act of creation

This is my thought:

Material things are important, but overrated.

More fun and interesting is the Dionysian spirit of ecstacy we get when we are in the enraptured flow of creation. The feeling we get when we are actively thinking, making, creating, transforming, or imagining things!

All art is good art

For me, this happens when I’m making art. Making photos, videos, essays, books; whatever.

To me, art can be anything. It can be singing, dancing, the art of conversation, poetry, rapping, etc.

Which made me also think,

Perhaps the best way to achieve bliss in life is to always be creating; to always be making art in one way or another.

This means to become a “full stack artist”; an artist who can do anything and everything. To not be the slave of just a single type of art creation.

Don’t be stuck in the photography ghetto

For example, don’t just think of yourself as a photographer, but a visual artist. If you consider yourself as a visual artist, you can ALWAYS be making visual artwork; whether on your camera, phone, or making digital images on your iPad, or drawings on paper.

When you don’t have the opportunity to make visual art, you can record video or produce beats on audio. Or pen rhymes and make poetry.

Anything and everything. As an artist, the world is yours.