Exploit Your Environment to the Maximum

We are often dissatisfied with our environment, as if the environment was more interesting than us.

But what if, we exploited our environment to the fullest? Meaning; it doesn’t really matter what our environment is, but given any situation we seek to seek maximal dominion over our environment? Ultimate adaptability, because it means:

We can master any environment, because we are superior to our environment, and we seek to extract all the maximal benefits form any environment!

I love the suburbs

For example, I’m currently in the suburbs, and have many benefits:

  1. Close access to gym
  2. Super cheap meat
  3. Extreme convenience

Thus, it makes sense for me to:

  1. Workout more (and more often)
  2. Eat more meat
  3. Philosophize more

Thus, perhaps in life, we shouldn’t desire to have a different environment which would make us “happier”. Instead, taking the environment we already have, and seeking to exploit the benefits of that environment to the maximum.

It is in our DNA

iPhone xs selfie

Yet, I still think as humans, we are natural explorers and conquerors. We want to discover new environments not because these new environments will make us “happier”, but if just gives us a new and exciting opportunity to further exploit that environment, and derive new types of benefits, or perhaps to just give us a chance to discharge our powers to conquering a new place.

This means,

We shouldn’t get bored of a certain environment until we have extracted the maximum benefits from that environment.

More thoughts to come.