Eternal Recurrence in Photography

Eternal recurrence in photography:

Be in a constant state of shooting and becoming as a photographer. Never tire or get bored from photography. Never lose inspiration or motivation to make photos. Constantly change and evolve as a photographer.


An idea:

Don’t worry about whether your photos are good or bad. Just keep shooting, and enjoy the process.

All technology is constantly in flux

Cameras and photography tools are constantly changing and evolving.

Just embrace the best technology right now for your photography; don’t feel nostalgia for the past cameras nor feel a desire for a future rumored camera.

Just use the current photography technology right now to the fullest maximum.

Shoot everyday without boredom or fatigue!


Be like a child; keep shooting for fun! Keep exercising your eyeball muscles.

Use your photography to discover more beauty in the world around you! Use the camera (or phone) as a tool to augment your curiosity in the world around you.

There is no ultimate state

There is no ultimate form for you to arrive at as a photographer.

Delight in the constant flux and the eternal recurrence of photography:

  1. Shooting all day, every day
  2. Constantly editing your portfolio and curating your work
  3. Constantly share and upload new and old photos

Enjoy the flux!

To study more on this concept of “Eternal Recurrence”, read the last chapter of “The will to power” book by Nietzsche.

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