Choose the Dangerous Route in Life!

Don’t Seek Happiness, Seek Challenge:

Dear friend,

A basic idea:

Don’t seek happiness in life. Instead, let us seek challenge, danger, and adventure.

Don’t be a cow

If happiness was bodily pleasures, then we would call cows happy who find weeds to eat – Heraclitus (my translation)

Many individuals make the assumption that life is about being “happy”. And when they say “happy”, they mean to say: bodily pleasures.

But the problem is this; in trying to seek “happiness” we get distracted and suckered. We end up falling victim to wanting to acquire things in order to give us pleasure-happiness.

For example, we seek luxury cars that are more “comfortable”. Our houses are too small, so we want bigger houses for more “room and comfort”. Our beds are too hard, so we shell out tons of cash for softer and more “comfortable” beds. Same goes with shoes, clothes, etc.

Convenience isn’t the end in itself

We also get suckered by convenience culture. Certainly conveniences are good, but they’re just a bridge to something greater, not the end in itself.

For example, I prefer having certain conveniences in life to free up my mental energy and time in order to do what is really important to me: thinking, creating, and philosophizing.

Do Deadlifts

Bodily strength is very important. I don’t think you can become a superhero without having muscle. You cannot be a superhero with weak legs and excess fat holding you down.

Muscular productivity

Nietzsche once said something like:

My most productive periods of my life have also been accompanied with unusually vigorous muscular strength and activity.

I know for myself personally, I get insane inspiration after an intense session at the gym. After deadlifting 4 plates, I go “super saiyan” mode, and suddenly I have no fear. I get a body and adrenaline rush, which I channel into doing creative work; writing, thinking, researching, and creating.

In short, all philosophers and artists should deadlift.

Dictate your own direction in life

I think a lot about what life is all about.

For example, none of us were asked to to be born. We were thrust into the world without our consent. Yet the reality is that we are alive and we exist. So the question is then:

While I’m still alive and breathing, what do I wish to direct my time, energy, and human metabolism towards?

Treat everyday like it were your last

What do you want to make? Create? Do? Change? What kind of impact do you want to make on the world? What kind of artworks do you desire to create, and what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

The fun thing is this:

You dictate for yourself how to live your own life.

You can create your own table of values, your own personal morals and ethics, and your own personal virtues for yourself.

Start doing

In other words,

The power is in your hands.

So quit making plans, and start doing. Get out of the house more. Go on more epic adventures. Take more risks, and challenge yourself more. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and take epic risks that might fuck up your life (in a good way).

Stability, comfort, and predictability is boring.

Choose the dangerous route!


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