Seek Inspiration From Within Yourself

Dear friend,

If you’re seeking inspiration, seek it from within yourself:

1. Look at your old photos

For example, I’m looking at my old photos, and feeling super inspired by them! We often forget our old photos, and thus don’t feel we’re making progress in our photography.

Revisit your old photos, and filter them deeper.

  1. Some photos tend to get better over time (marinating, or aging lovely wine)
  2. Some photos tend to get worse over time (ditch these photos).

2. Think about the struggles you’ve overcome

Reminisce on your scars and difficulties from the past. See your past self, your current self, and find appreciation in your own personal growth.

Write about your life struggles, and inspire others how you were able to overcome these difficulties.

3. Never stop creating

Never stop creating new artwork. When you create new things, the breath of inspiration will fill your golden lungs.

Fly high, and do it with your own effort and wings. Rely on yourself, and your own store of inner-wealth.


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