Think For Yourself

What’s scarce today? The ability to think by ourselves, for ourselves, without consulting Google, without asking others or commentators for their opinion. Do we even know what our own opinion is?

When Steve Jobs said, “Think different”, what I think he really meant to say was:

Don’t mimic the thinking of others. Instead, think for yourself and don’t let your ideas be watered down by others.

How to think for ourselves

To think for ourselves is simple:

Ask yourself what is your own opinion of a certain matter, before consulting Google or others.

With modern technology, we have lost the ability to wonder, to hypothesize, or try to figure out things by deductive logic. The problem with Google:

We assume someone (“smarter” than us) has already figured out the answer.

The truth is that not all knowledge, wisdom, or novel ideas have yet been discovered. There are still so many hidden doors, hidden paths, which are not yet made visible to us! (inspiration from Peter Thiel in his Zero to One Book). Yet it is our duty to never stop seeking. Seeking truth is only fun and worthwhile because it is so difficult.

What’s your opinion?

It’s good to be opinionated, and to have your own personal opinion. Modern society tries to squash out your individual thought. It’s not seen as “politically correct” to have dissenting or contrarian views.

All is a matter of perspective in life.

Do you know what your perspective is, and do you have the courage to stand by it?


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