Seek Truth, Knowledge, and Beauty

Dear friend,

Some personal life goals which has helped give me more direction and purpose in life;

Seek truth, knowledge, and beauty!

1. Truth

There is no objective truth; all wisdom is subjective in one shape or form.

However this is our focus:

Seek and discover what is truth to us; a truth which gives us more personal purpose and meaning to our lives.

In other words,

Discover truth which helps empower you in life.

For example some truths I’ve discovered for myself:

  1. Physical strength and mental strength go hand in hand.
  2. Harnessing more intuition and spontaneity has been better for my creative spirit than rational logic. In other words, harness both the Dionysian and Apollonian (Nietzsche concept of barbelling both the crazy and rational).
  3. Movement: My brain works best when I’m moving, not static.

2. Knowledge

Knowledge as more practical information on how to do things, or how the world works.

For example, knowledge in terms of how to make good photos, and how to curate them (inspiration for

Or knowledge of language; being able to speak other languages and communication.

To me, knowledge is less than truth. To me, truth is wisdom; self-wisdom.

To me, knowledge is more practical information that helps us live our everyday lives.

Truth is more “impractical” information which doesn’t have utilitarian use; but which mentally and spiritually uplifts us.

3. Beauty

This is the philosophy of aesthetics. Art is what gives us beauty. A life without any beauty wouldn’t be a life worth living.

Everyone has a different aesthetic taste. Don’t ask others what is the “right” or “legitimate” taste. Just discover what you think is beautiful or ugly!

Never stop searching for truth, knowledge, and beauty!


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