5 Reasons Why to Shoot With Your Phone

Dear friend,

Shoot more with your phone. Why? Some ideas:

1. The more you shoot, the happier you will be!

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To me, we are the happiest when we are creating. When you make photos, you’re creating pictures.

Thus, shoot more with your phone to create more pictures!

2. No friction

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What holds us back from making photos? Friction. The friction of carrying a heavy camera, or the friction of leaving the house (with a heavy or burdensome camera).

For most of us, our phone is always with us. Thus our camera is always with us.

A fun idea:

Don’t call it a phone; call it a camera that can make phone calls.

Cindy gave me an idea, the next time you upgrade or buy a new phone, just think of it like you’re buying a new camera with calling functions.

Therefore when you buy a new mobile device, first optimize for the camera; phone second.

3. Discover more beauty around you

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I’m currently staying with my mom in the boring suburbs of San Jose. Yet even walking around the block with a phone, you can see lots of beautiful things!

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By shooting more with your phone, you will see more beauty around you, even beauty in the “ugly”:

4. Walk more

A simple idea: to be happier in life, walk more. Go on more walks around the block with your phone and shoot photos of whatever puts a smile on your face.

5. Get out of your house

Photography is a good excuse to get out of your house. Leave the house more often.


Shoot more, be happier. Easy as that!

Never stop shooting,

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