Tilt Dutch angle

Tilt Your Camera

A simple photography composition tip: tilt your camera (Dutch angle)!

Why tilt?

Dutch angle tilt

By tilting your camera, you make your compositions more dynamic. For example, see this picture of a boy I photographed inside a restaurant. I shot it with a 24mm lens, and I tilted the camera to the left. The photo feels off-balanced, like he will fall off and slide off to the left.

Tilt Dutch angle composition

Better with wide angle

Ditch angle tilt

Practice the Dutch angle composition (tilting your camera) with a wide angle lens, like a 24mm or 28mm lens.

Diagonal tilt

Have fun with it! Don’t take it too seriously. Experiment with your composition like a child, with a spirit of play!

Tilt Dutch angle

A simple way is to just experiment with trees or architecture.


You can also look for lines, and make it tilted. For example this street photo of this woman in Japan through a dotted pattern. Note the line on the bottom is tilted.

Backwards tilt

Garry Winogrand and tilt

Some good examples from Garry Winogrand: