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What Would You Do if a Perfect Camera Existed?

Dear friend,

A photolosophy idea: what would we do if a “perfect” camera existed, which fulfilled all of our needs? Would this make us happier? Would this make us more inspired to shoot? What would this even mean?

Leading lines Kyoto Cindy

I’ve been looking through my photos I shot earlier in Kyoto this year, all shot on a simple Lumix LX100 camera that I got for free from my friend Dave. It’s a simple camera, small, with a 24mm lens, and a bit old. But it’s still a good camera! And I’m super happy with the photos I shot with it.

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It’s not the perfect camera. I wish it were faster to turn on, and has better high ISO performance. But does it even matter, if the photos I took on it puts a smile on my face?

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Generally with cameras we desire a “perfect” camera— this Platonic ideal of something that is flawless, and will fulfill all of our desires.

Yet, I’m anti Plato. Why? Nothing in real life is perfect, nor should things be perfect! My theory is that imperfection and having certain downsides is what actually encourages us to be more creative!

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For example, the reason I like shooting with a wide angle lens is that it encourages me to use “foot zoom”. By NOT having the ability to zoom is what forces me to walk closer to my subjects, which actually causes me to be more innovative with my compositions, perspectives, and framing!

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I think we must remind ourselves — the purpose of a camera is to make photos. That’s it! So any camera that encourages you to take photos is a good camera!

Generally for myself, the smaller, simpler, and less obtrusive the camera, the better. Why? Smaller cameras are easier to carry with you everywhere you go, and just shooting your photos in program mode will simplify your shooting process.

The simpler your camera, the more photos you will shoot. The more photos you shoot, the happier you will be!

Keep your photography simple, and SHOOT MORE to be happier!


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