New HAPTIC Notebooks Available!

New HAPTIC Notebooks available. Contact Cindy at and tell us which cover you like!

HAPTIC Notebook Concept

The concept is simple:

  1. The pages are blank, inviting you to fill the pages with your creative ideas. The more you create with your hands, sketch, and draw, the more you will develop your artistic acuity and muscles.
  2. HAPTIC paper is made with the traditional Zó mulberry leaves, which are archival for 300+ years. Not only that, but the book is about 25% of the weight of a traditional notebook (ultralight, meaning, you will carry it with you everywhere you go).
  3. Beautiful and one of a kind: All HAPTIC notebooks pictured in this post are the only ones currently in existence. Don’t miss out.

Reserve your copy by emailing Cindy at and tell us which cover you like the best!

Haptic notebook ARTBOOK

Haptic ARTBOOK notebook

Haptic ARTBOOK notebook

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