Almost Everything is Sculpture

A small epiphany: the reason we like physical objects (bags, cars, objects, etc) is because we as humans appreciate sculpture; the way that certain objects take up space! We appreciate the colors, shapes, proportions, angles, curves, and forms, of these objects.

We like how space is taken up! Proportions and dimensions are cool!

Let me give you an example: I like the design of Lamborghini cars, yet I don’t really desire to own one. I know there are faster cars which are far more affordable (I’d prefer a Tesla Model S, black on black, P100D).

But I like the way the Lamborghini looks; in terms of the proportions, the design, and sculpture. It looks like a jet fighter; essentially it is a massive wedge. Super low to the ground, wide, and aero dynamic. I wonder if humans intuitively like aerodynamically designed stuff.


## Aesthetics are important

Aesthetics (how something looks/form) is very important. Not just function.

Why? Aesthetics are the foundation of art. Art has no “practical” or “functional” purpose like the utilitarian philosophers would like us to think (like Jeremy Bentham or John Stuart Mill).

The practical takeaway is this:

> Prioritize *both aesthetics and function of the stuff you create, purchase, and use.


I encourage you friend, to start seeing the world through the lens of objects, things, and places as sculpture.

Joseph Beuys has a concept of social or human structure; the ultimate art.


Find more inspiration from the Winged Victory of Nike Statue at the Louvre (also makes a guest appearance in JAY Z / BEYONCE New “Apeshit” music video).