Don’t Adapt to the World; Let the World Adapt to You

Do you adapt yourself to the world, or do you let the world adapt to you?

Dear friend,

A question: should you adapt yourself to the world, or let the world adapt to you?

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Evolution through natural selection

According to Charles Darwin, we as a species have evolved through “natural selection”– some of us have continued to pass on our genes to our children via certain characteristics of adaptations we’ve randomly got. For example I’m sure those of us in the past who were stronger lived on and passed on our genes. The weaker of our species perished, and failed to pass on their genes.

However the interesting thing in today’s world is that pretty much any of us, regardless of our “fitness” can pass on our genes to our children. There are no real laws which prohibit us from from having children based on any potential “defects” we have, or any “defects” our children have (thank God). For example thank goodness we don’t live in a society where we are forced to abort our children, if they have been “pre-screened” that they may have autism or Down’s syndrome (consider some of the films like Gattaca, where only “genetically superior” children are allowed to take high positions in society, or Brave New World by Aldous Huxley where based on your genetics, your future is determined).

Anyways for the most part, the benefit of living in modern society is that we can live however we want, and frankly speaking, most of us won’t die. We can choose what kind of work to do, how to spend our leisure time, what religion to follow, we can dictate what our political beliefs are, what our dietary or lifestyle / exercise routine is, etc. So in a sense, we can do whatever we want in our lives, as long as we pay our taxes and not end up killing anyone else.

So the interesting question to me is this:

In a world or society where you’re given freedom to life however you want— how do you actually want to live your life?

Almost everything in your life is a suggestion, not an obligation (James Altucher).

But the problem is this: we are strong-armed into being strongly “nudged” (I’m anti Richard Thaler) into making certain personal lifestyle choices.

For example, when someone says you “should” do something, they’re not giving you a real option. They’re almost dictating for you to do something, and if you don’t listen to them, you will be punished.

For the most part, society wants you to live your life in a certain way. They want you to be an obedient, “productive” member of society. They essential want you to be a sheep, to follow the herd, and be one of the “sheeple”.

But — do you desire to be a sheep and follow the herd, or do you prefer to be an eagle, soar above the sheeple, and follow your own wind, wherever it leads you?

To be upfront, I suggest for you to let the world adapt to you, instead of adapting to the world.

Of course if you choose this path of living, there’s gonna be some “downsides”. You’re probably gonna be scorned by your family, friends, and other members of society. Innovators, adventurers, radicals, and people who go “against the grain” are generally not appreciated while they’re still alive. But they still do it anyways.

You were destined to do great things. Pave your own path friend. Be brave. You really have nothing to lose; and everything to gain!


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