Follow Your Own Inner-Truth

1988 was the year I was born
Born to help others and to placate the masses

I was a good kid, never cut classes and always attended all the Catholic masses

I was taught good morals from my momma; to never be afraid of the other, to see everyone as my brother or sister, regardless of the color of their skin or heritage.

Now I’m thriving with Cindy, off my “mixed marriage”. Korean and Vietnamese, the combination is the bee’s knees.

Everyday we both hustle hard, just like Parmesean cheese. We believe in one another, and sail the seas together, feeling the azure breeze.

I think in life we must follow our own compass; we must seek our own true North. And we must never forget our own self-worth. We must never doubt ourselves or compromise, or disguise our own inner-truth inside our heart.

Everyday, we gotta hustle hard and build up our own empire, part by part, brick by brick. Times can sometimes get thick and hard; glass shards. We might suffer and bleed, and prostrate to our knees. But we need to get up, and rise. We must never give up hope, and we must never forget that we’re dope.

Don’t let the nay sayers distract you. Ain’t nobody can tell you “nope” but you.

Believe in yourself and your own inner-truth. Follow your nose like a sleuth, and do you.

Why follow your own inner-truth?

Okay, so I don’t think there is an “ultimate truth” in life which applies to everyone. The fun thing about life goes back to the ancient saying (based on some ancient Assassin cult, actually quoted in the “Assassin creed film”, initially I heard this saying from Nietzsche):

All is allowed, all is permitted!

All morales and ethics are man-made. Every society has different morals and ethics. Whatever is considered “good” or “bad” is taught to us by our parents, our religion, our society, schools, etc. For example in ancient Sparta, to kill and conquer was good. But today, Jesus and Christianity has taught us that it is evil, and that we should “turn the other cheek”.

Now the great thing is that we have the power to believe in whatever we desire. Assuming you live in a free country, you have the power to follow what you believe in. And whatever you believe in is your own “inner truth”.

Now, we mustn’t superimpose our own inner truth to others. That’s tyranny.

However, others need to also learn to respect or tolerate our own inner-truth and beliefs. And it is of my opinion that we shouldn’t harm/hurt others with our own personal beliefs. This is why I’m anti-war and violence.

But anyways, I want to encourage to not be afraid to freely share what you believe in! Have confidence and faith in yourself and your own ideas. You were destined to do epic shit in your life!


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