10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity: Free PDF Visualization by ANNETTE KIM

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Fresh off the HAPTIC PRESS: 10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity: PDF Visualization by ANNETTE KIM!


1. Surround yourself with inspirational peers

By having positive and creative peers, you can get feedback from others whose ideas you value.

2. Look for outside sources for inspiration

Read books, watch movies, and go online to get ideas that inspire creativity within you.

3. Listen to your pump it up playlist

Play music that gets you in the right state of mind to keep your creative juices flowing.

For free music, download BEATS BY KIM VOLUME II.

4. Set a regular schedule for your creative time

Recognize what time in the day you are most creatively energized and set your schedule to that time.

During your creative time, do not do anything else. Creative time is only for creating!

Don’t wait for inspiration to magically appear. JUST DO IT!

5. Shoot for the moon: set high goals!

Set high goals for yourself to achieve. Even if you don’t reach your “moonshot” goal, you will achieve a much higher level than you originally aimed for.

6. Take a nap

Feeling burnt out? Take a 20 minute nap!

Generally when I take a nap, I get all these new creative ideas! You might too!

7. Always keep a notebook with you

Whenever you get an idea, write or draw it in your notebook, because it is easy to forget your ideas.

By writing it down, you’ll never forget another idea again!

Tip: Also write notes in your phone and keep it synced in Evernote, Notes, Google Docs, or IA Writer.

8. Cross-pollinate

Cross-pollinate your other interests together to form new ideas!

Look beyond your creative genre for inspiration to put into your work.

9. Do what excites you

Work on projects that personally excite you. Your passion will show in your work and your enthusiasm will keep you going!

10. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Treat your projects as fun experiments. Let loose and just go with the flow. Don’t get too attached to your projects:

If something isn’t working out, it’s okay to change it up or scrap it!

Never run out of inspiration


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10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity: PDF Visualization by ANNETTE KIM

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