What is My Unique Style in Photography?

You got your own style in photography; whether you know it or not.

Your style is your unique view, perspective, and interpretation of the world.

Also your style in photography is your preferred aesthetic; do you prefer black and white or color? Also how you like to post process your photos and the equipment you prefer to use.

Your style in photography is also how you like to take photos; whether you prefer to be more stealth, or prefer to talk and interact with your subjects.

Ultimately, I don’t think there is a “right” or “wrong” style in photography. Just authentic and inauthentic. And only you can judge your own authenticity.

To know whether your photos are authentic or not:

Do you see yourself in your own photos?

Also, do you have pride in your own photos? Are you making photos to please yourself, or your audience?

Do you shoot for yourself or for the likes on Instagram?

Also, realize your style is always in a state of change and flux. Why? Your personality isn’t static but dynamic.

Orange texture at night. Marseille, 2017
Orange texture at night. Marseille, 2017

Don’t become a prisoner of your own style. Just be authentic to death to yourself.


Boy and mother. Marseille, 2017
Boy and mother. Marseille, 2017