ARTIST FILM: Meditations on Life and Photography with Eric Kim

Cindy Nguyen: “I made a film about my soulmate and creative partner. It is an intimate conversation about creating art, embracing change, and holding onto childlike wonder. I hope the film offers a moment to contemplate on the beauty and impermanence of life.”

Directed, Produced, Concept, Poetry by Cindy Nguyen
Artist interview with Eric Kim
Marseille, 2017


Director’s Statement

Who are you? Are you the sum parts of your past selves, a dream for legacy and the hereafter, a vision for something more?

A film like no other, Meditations is an intimate conversation between two artists and soulmates. Quiet and contemplative, Meditations celebrates the beauty and impermanence of life. Eric Kim meditates on the hard questions of happiness, legacy, and art. He shares his hopes for himself and the world to embrace a sense of childlike wonder.

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

Directed, Produced, Concept, Poetry by Cindy Nguyen

Artist interview with Eric Kim

Remixed from Films by Cindy Nguyen

Sounds by

  • Lambert – As Ballad
  • J Dilla – So Far To Go
  • Charizma Peanut Butter Wolf – Methods
  • Que Sera – Wax Tailor
  • Marseille, the city
  • Tokyo, the city




MISS READING / mis-reading

Mẹ, translated

You translated me.
Rendered me visible, comprehensible, communicable
outside of that time and place where no words were exchanged,
only faraway glances, tensed shoulders, and clenched fists.
Gestures imbued with meaning: disappointment, guilt, exasperation.

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