Side of Saigon Satchel

Announcing SAIGON SATCHEL from HAPTICLABS: One of 18 in Existence. Sleek, Strong, and Innovative camera bag to accompany you on your future street photography adventures:

Sleek and Strong.

SAIGON SATCHEL is a limited edition product by HAPTICLABS, with only 18 in existence. Combining function, art, and design, SAIGON SATCHEL is 100% handmade, precisely stitched, and crafted with premium leather from start to finish.

Max length of the strap is 50 inches (128cm) and can be shortened according to preference. Wear as a cross body messenger bag, or shorten the strap to use as an on-the-go side satchel.

DESIGN: Midnight Black and Crimson Red

We researched, tested, and perfected the design for SAIGON SATCHEL for several years to bring together function and design.

  • Durability: All of the components have been tried and tested: from the hand-stitched bronze-colored threading to the premium straps and matte black leather.
  • Art: Saigon Satchel is beautiful, timeless, and over the years it will develop unique patina from your artistic adventures.
  • Inspired: We were inspired by cube-like, functional old school Polaroid camera case design as well as an all-in-one setup that could serve as a minimalist everyday camera bag.

Luxurious Interior, Built to Protect

The inside of SAIGON SATCHEL is lined with cushioned velvet leather to protect your equipment. The compartments are adjustable by a cushioned fold-down divider.

Aesthetics & Proportions

SAIGON SATCHEL statistics:

  • Outside dimensions: Length: 19.8cm,  Height: 15.5cm, Depth 11.4cm
  • Inside dimensions: Length: 17cm, Height: 12.5cm, Depth: 8.5cm,
  • Because the bag is made of pliable, flexible leather,  the interior dimensions can extend another 1 cm. The exterior adjustable height can extend another 4cm.


HAPTICLABS is our experimental playground to develop small, limited edition projects and collaborations with local artists and artisans. We made SAIGON SATCHEL to honor Saigon–we loved our time in Saigon; Cindy’s family has a close familial connection to Saigon; and we are deeply inspired by the lively hustle of young Vietnamese artists and entrepreneurs in a city textured by a profound history.

We named the project SAIGON SATCHEL to also be transparent about the origins of the bag and the artisans involved. Unlike huge anonymous factories, the entire operation is Eric, Cindy, our sisters (Annette and Jennifer), and the local artisans Khai, Lan and Uyen. We are transparent about the labor practices behind SAIGON SATCHEL because we are proud of it and love it.

Don’t miss to buy the one-of-a-kind SAIGON SATCHEL (only 18 in existence), to invest in HAPTIC and Cindy & Eric.

Global Entrepreneurship

With the Saigon leather artisan Khai

We lived in Vietnam and are very cognizant of global inequality, especially in labor practices. This is why we price our products the way we do. We work directly with artisans who set above market prices for high end artisanal craftsmanship. We do not run a wholesale factory, but support honest and beautiful work.

We spent years perfecting the design of SAIGON SATCHEL, workshopping different versions with the Saigon artisans, and even sourcing the packaging personally from Japan. Each bag is made with love, hand wrapped in Japanese textiles, and shipped with care from California.

Saigon Satchel is not just a bag. It’s a story.


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As a small expression of our thanks, we will pay for all shipping costs for orders over $40 from the HAPTIC SHOP this week (until Monday November 27, 2017). Love, Cindy & Eric


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