What If We Never Complained?

SF, 2014
SF, 2014

Trust me, I complain a lot. I complain about pain, stress, lack of sleep, not having enough coffee, my lack of finances, my lack of focus, and my lack of time.

But what if we lived a life in which we never complained? What if instead of complaining, we saw every negative situation as a positive one?

When we are tired, rather than complaining that we’re tired— what if we just shut up and learned to take a nap? Or used our tiredness to signal to ourselves that we probably need to party less at night, and sleep more?

When we are stuck in a job that we hate, rather than complaining— what if we used that as a signal that we need to get a new job?

What if instead of complaining about our partners, what if we used that as a sign to change something in our relationship? To make it more positive? Or perhaps to break up with that partner, and to find a new life partner?

What if instead of complaining about our camera, our equipment, or our gear — we learned to use it to an advantage? By having poor image quality, we can focus on being more creative with light. By not having the ideal lens, we become more creative with our composition and framing. By not living in the most interesting city, we can learn how to take extraordinary photos of ordinary things?

## Eliminate complaints from your life

As an assignment, try to go 30 days without complaining. And instead of complaining, try to transform a negative situation into a positive light.

This will add a lot more positivity, optimism, and energy to your life — to take more action to change your life for the better.


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