How to Triumph Over Misfortune

How do you triumph over misfortune?
Easy, see every misfortune as fortune.

Every time life tries to fuck you up,
You stand strong, you don’t run amok in fear

When shit hits the fan, you brush it aside, and make your next life plan.

You keep moving forward. You don’t regret. You don’t ruminate. You just contemplate, the next step forward. You power ahead, like Dwight Howard, or a stronger power forward.

You stay centered
You stay hard, yet shapeable like play dough
You don’t fold, you play your cards right
You know, tomorrow you’re gonna keep fighting the good fight.

Coin Laundry. Uji, Kyoto 2017
Coin Laundry. Uji, Kyoto 2017

So friend, always stay cheery and happy. Don’t take life too serious, let your hair grow nappy.

When you’re tired, just take a nap. When you see a great performance from yourself, clap
Don’t hide behind the shroud

Live your life
Fucking loud
Do it authentic,
Don’t be high-brow
Be low
Because you know
What is real to you
Stay true to you
And life everyday like it were your last
Ignore the sirens and haters
Like Ulysses, tie yourself to the mast.



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