What Disempowers You?

Dear friend,

I’m all about empowerment in photography and art. One strategy to become more empowered: focus on subtracting what “disempowers” you in life.

What I’ve cut out of my life

Let me use my life as an example. This is what disempowers me:

  1. Random haters online. Solution? Don’t read comments, and install browser extension that blocks comments on YouTube and other sites. I use the browser extension called “Shut Up” on Safari.
  2. Being envious of others: I used to see my friends buying new cars, cameras, and homes on Facebook. I felt envious. Wasted my energy. I installed a Facebook news feed blocker extension plugin on my browser. I’ve been without a news feed for 4 years now, and I feel less envious, and more focused on my work.
  3. No complaining: when I complain, I lose power. Why? I think that others control my self-esteem. So now, I don’t complain. I just shut up when something bothers me. I just focus on improving myself with my work, and only blame myself.
  4. Hesitation: often I get scared to publish my photos, blog posts or videos, because I’m afraid if others might not like it. Now, when in doubt, I just hit publish.
  5. I don’t aim for perfection anymore. I aim for 80% good enough. This helps me publish more art, and feel more empowered.

Modern society wants you to be generic.

Modern society tries to castrate you, and disempower you. Or if you’re a woman, modern society tries to cut out your ovaries.

Think about it. To stand out, to be vain and self-centered are seen as mortal sins.

Rather, we all need a “participation trophy.”

Modern society is all about equality. Therefore anyone who is smarter, stronger, faster, etc is weighed down with golden chains. They are told to slow down, so the others can catch up.

Imagine, you’re like a jaguar with iron weighs attached to your legs.

Or, you’re a Lamborghini, but your speedometer is limited by a computer.

Or, you’re an eagle with clipped wings.

Be self-centered without hurting anyone else.

My belief: become the best version of yourself, without hurting anybody else.

That means, in order to get ahead don’t throw anyone else undue the bus.

For myself, I ignore everyone else. I just focus on myself.

I make photos, write poetry, read, and write blog posts. I publish a lot. I don’t read anyone else, except my buddy Josh White, and a few other bloggers, and thinkers. I mostly trust myself, my books, Cindy, and my mom.

I have never left a negative comment for any other online person. I don’t waste my time. I guess I’m so self-centered, that I don’t care I have “competition.” In fact, I don’t think I have any competitors. This is what helps me get ahead.

This is why all my information is open and free. I want to empower others. I am technically making competition for myself, by teaching others how to teach workshops, and market themselves. But for me, we are all on the same football team. If you score a touchdown, I score a touchdown too.

You have the key.

So the moral of the story is this:

Cut out anything that disempowers you in life.

So for me, I cut out distractions, negative energy, and negative people.

I’ve cut off my golden shackles, and now I can soar to the heavens.

And the secret is knowing: you already have the key to unchain yourself. It is hidden in your coat pocket. So take it out, and fly friend,,,fly to the sun. And no, your wings won’t melt.


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