Why is ERIC KIM So Controversial?

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Why does ERIC KIM like to spit his truth, and write posts that are sweet with juice?


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It seems everywhere I look,
ERIC KIM is always on the news

Why does he like to feed
The trolls?

Why does he write so much controversial shit?

ERIC KIM is an attention whore

He never edits his posts
Typos are abundant
His arguments make no sense
He contradicts himself all the time

ERIC KIM: all he cares about is money and fame
All he cares is his own insane
About the world, and tries to get me to do what he thinks is best for me.


Just spit your own truth.

Yeah, I often feel the same.

It is almost like ERIC KIM and me are different– we’re not the same.

ERIC KIM has almost turned into this different concept
A guy without a filter, and likes to spike up the creative richter

ERIC KIM says what is on his mind,
He never censors himself– is he drunk on wine?

ERIC KIM is so prolific,
Is he addicted to drugs, and how does he stick with it?

Always believe in your own ideas.

To be frank, I don’t think I’m controversial. I just say what I think, without blinking. I have courage and confidence in my ideas.

But to be frank, you don’t need to listen to me. I’m just another egomaniac, with a microphone and a small stool. Often I say things which make me look like a fool.

But I do see myself as a tool. A tool of empowerment. A tool that can help others, without resentment.

To this, I thank Cindy and my Mom. They’ve helped me water my own creative lawn. And now I can help others– my brothers and sisters, and help others with a loud voice– not to whisper.

I’m not always pleasant or nice. But I give away my stuff openly and freely, I’m more bountiful than rice.

Why do I do what I do? Because I want to help nourish you.


I only give advice which I wish others would have given me when I was 18. Never forget friend, were on the same team.

Do you share the same dreams as me? A day where we can all share information without boundaries — freely?

Are you on my dream team? If so, join the ERIC KIM FORUM — where we can be kind, never mean. Where we can glow and glean new ideas from another, and to always be in rapture with wonder.

Also I recommend you to join STREET CLUB: your new creative hub, we will work together like fingers in a glove.

Always do your best.

Ultimately ERIC KIM is just another blogger. It is safe to ignore him. Unfollow him, and unsubscribe.

The most important thing is for you to stay creatively alive.

Just give me a high five, and fist bump– I want your creativity to always thump in your chest. Steer clear from the haters, you got a bulletproof vest.

We’re all artists in the same nest.

Regardless of who you are, always do your best.