Grit and grain,
Shoot photos to wipe away the sweat and pain.

Shoot photos not from your brain but from your gut,
Always believe in yourself; there are no creative ruts.

In photography and life there are no short cuts,
Just shoot a lot; you make your own luck.

Grit and grain,
Make photos that are dope, not ducking lame
Walk confidently on the streets– you don’t need a golden cane

Shoot with courage, not an ounce of shame
You’re a ferocious lion– overflowing mane.

You have nothing to lose, everything to gain
Shoot for the pleasure of it, not for the likes and fame.

Keep your creative train running, throw on more coal
Keep striking your inspiration while it’s hot, photographic gold.

You’re your own photographer; you don’t fit no mold
You make your own style, photographic sonic booms– street fighter Guile.

Treat each photo like a trial or experiment,
Keep on playing, camera as your tool in hand
Wander the streets aimlessly, no plan — only think, “I can.”