Photography Inspiration

Photography inspiration,
Shoot photos which excites your soul’s elation.

Inspiration: that deadly muse
To find more inspiration, turn off the news feed
On your Facebook and Instagram.
Subtract these sham images and news from your mind.

To inspire yourself, live in airplane mode
And seek to crack reality’s Matrix code

Less time checking your email,
Rather, touch textures like blind Braille.

Inspire yourself by looking at kids play
They do it without pay, all day.

Be like Pablo Picasso or Kanye,
Don’t become a new slave, just pave your own artistic path
By refusing to sit down in class
Just keep on filling your creative stash
Or mood board; avoid being bored.

Avoid boring books, boring art, and boring photos
Avoid boring people, boring ideas, and boring poetry
Rather, write your own obituary and your own future story.

Do this by wandering the streets, camera in hand, with no predetermined plan.
Do this by writing your own (shitty) poetry, like Eric Kim– sing your own souls hymn.

Ignore Eric Kim, just follow you
Do you, and know that every shoe doesn’t fit every foot.

Fill your mind with books that inspire you,
Fuck the high brow literature of the past, just mash modern inspiration and treat everyday like your creative vacation.

Regardless of your vocation or job in life,
Extract the maximum benefits without getting fired– and take your creativity higher.

Seek to be a better photographer everyday, ignore your daily wage or how much you’re paid.

Just shoot with your phone. You don’t need to go to Rome, or Paris– keep shooting what you personally cherish.

Don’t just shoot street photography. Shoot personal photography. Shoot selfies, regardless if you’re poor or wealthy. Shoot photos from your brain, and disregard if others call you vain.

Keep slaying the procrastinating dragon, breathe your own creative fire. Like a helicopter, keep taking your limits higher.

The sky isn’t the limit, it is the stars.
Whatever you dream, you can go very far.



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