Live life with no fear,
You control the steering wheel: know you can steer.

Ignore the haters and the jeers
And hold back your digital tears

If you’re weird, you will get lots of leers
From others
Your cousins, sisters, and brothers

But no matter what, don’t bother
With their opinions.

Rather, focus on your life goal and keep winning
And keep grinning
And spinning your bicycle wheels of life

Take off the training wheels, this ain’t no trike
You got big boy wheels now

Keep peddling uphill, wipe the sweat off your brow now.

Don’t slow down
Speed up
Re up
Make your own luck
By taking more risks.

Do you want to lie on your deathbed and say,
“Tisk tisk”
I should have done better
To clear away my inner-gloom and punch off the clouds like Mayweather

tokyo eric kim street photography-0000789

Let me keep light in life like a feather
To not take myself too seriously
But rather to live curiously
Like a big ass kid,
Let me rid
Myself of grown up tendencies
And live life elegantly
No more prejudice in me.

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