Because I’m great, I have everything.

Because I have everything, I’m great.

Often I contemplate
My blessings in life
I thank God for all the toughness and strife
I had to overcome to become me

He planted a beautiful seed in my soul
And told me,
You can be anything you want to be
If you’re diligent and water your seed
To avoid weed and drugs
And give others love because
Love is your mission statement
And an elatement of your mind.

God gave you this divine mind
To shine your lantern with others
To treat another as yourself
To share your wealth
Of knowledge, wisdom and ideas.

Thank you God for keeping me on-course
Giving me this creative force
With no brakes.

You keep me awake and woke
You gave me confidence to talk my life story
Without a stone in my throat.

You are my coat of armor
You keep Lucifer away from me; that devilish charmer.

I above all thank you for giving me my wife
Cindy Kim Anh Nguyen,
For making her my coach on my team
She keeps you strong and lean,
And your mind nimble and keen.

Her soul is beautiful pastel sheen
Her skin, almond cream.

This life you’ve given me is a dream
Keep my soul clean,
And always be one in me.