Some tips on how to make more money in photography, based on my personal experiences:

1. Charge 25% more than you think you’re worth

The problem as photographers we under-sell ourselves. This comes from fear, or lack of self confidence.

If you’re charging money for your services, over-estimate your value. Then your clients will respect you more.

When you are sick, do you prefer to buy the $10 Tylenol, or the $1 generic Ibuprofen (even though you know the chemicals are the same?)

Lesson: the more money you charge, the more valuable you will seem.

2. Free or expensive

Barbell your prices as a photographer. Do free work, or charge a lot of money.

Avoid the middle.

Start off shooting stuff or doing consulting work for free to build your experience and portfolio. Then when you feel confident in yourself, start charging 25% more than you think you’re worth. Or charge 25% more than your competition.

3. Build trust

You can only make money in photography or any artistic, business endeavor if people trust you.

Build trust through your marketing and branding. Build trust through the quality of your portfolio. Build trust by having a legitimate website, and by having a strong social media following. Build trust by spending more time in the game, honing your craft, and letting your work speak for itself.

Trust takes years and decades. I’ve written 2,000 blog posts since 2011-2017. That is building trust.

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