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“Good” vs “Meaningful” Photos

eric kim mom bed

Shouldn’t it be a meaningful photo?


What is the difference between a “good” and “meaningful” photo?

  • A “good” photo depends on others’ opinions of your photos.
  • A “meaningful” photo depends on your own evaluation of your own photos.

Do you want to be a slave?

If you only try to photograph “good” photos — you will forever be a slave to the opinions of others.

However if you strive to make meaningful photos— you will shoot with all your heart, emotion, and soul. You will never betray your own artistic vision. You will have more confidence, enthusiasm, and love in your photo-making process.

No good or bad photos exist

As an experiment, let us remove the words “good” and “bad” from our photography. Let us only consider our photos as “meaningful” or “un-meaningful.”

This is one step towards a more personal approach to our photography.


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