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How to Live a Good Life

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How do we live a good life, especially in the context of photography?

I think the wrong assumption we make is that we think that in order to be ‘happy’ — we need to be really good photographers.

We think we will be ‘happy’ once we make better photos. Once we get more followers on social media. Once we get more likes. Once we get better cameras. Once we get exhibitions, travel the world, and become famous. Once our names get written in the history books.

The truth is the point of our lives should be to contemplate this question: “How do we live a good life?”

I think a ‘good’ life is different from a ‘happy’ life.

A ‘good’ life is a life in which you are focused in helping others. A ‘happy’ life can be mis-construed as living a life of pleasure, only for yourself.

Photography empowerment

But then again, you can live a ‘happy’ and ‘good’ life — if you focus on living a virtuous life, and striving to also help others.

In the context of photography — think of how your photography is a tool to improve yourself. Does your photography help you become more courageous when interacting with others? Does your photography give you more empathy for your subjects? Does your photography give you more appreciation for the world?

Furthermore, think of what kind of social good you can do with your photography. Can you use photography as a tool to encourage others and make them feel more beautiful? Can you teach photography to troubled people, to help them be less miserable? Can you make beautiful photos that uplift others?

What is your goal in photography?

Start from the end, and work backwards.

We all want to live happy, meaningful, and purposeful lives.

Photography is just a tool to help get us there. Not the end goal.

Just do it.

So friend, think of how you can live a good life by finding more gratitude in your life. And use photography as a tool to help you count your blessings, and all the natural beauty in the world.

Then strive to use your photography as a tool to empower others.

I have great faith in you!


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