There is No “Right” and “Wrong” in Photography

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Anyone who tells you that there is a “right” and “wrong” way of shooting photography is lying to you.

The only thing that exists is figuring out what is “right” and “wrong” in photography for you.

What are your preferences?

We all have different preferences. There is no objective right/wrong for everyone.

Photography is a form of self-discovery. Of discovering what your aesthetic preferences are. Of discovering how you like to interact with people and the world. Of what kind of images you like to look at, and create.

Figure out what works for you

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Use other people as a guide. See what works for them, and experiment.

But ultimately in your photography, you need to find out what kind of photographer you want to become.

I think it is a good idea to find photographers who we admire, and then try to emulate them. We might try to emulate them based on the gear they use, how they shoot, their technique, their aesthetic, or their subject-matter. This is our apprenticeship.

But when we become more experienced, we need to learn how to cut the umbilical cord. We need to ‘kill our master’ — and learn the truth for ourself. We need to find out who we are as photographers — and to shoot who we are. Not to photograph like someone else. But to be yourself.

There are no rules

Whenever someone gives you advice, always take it as a ‘suggestion’ and a ‘tip’ — not a rule.

No rules in photography exist.

Create your own rules for yourself and your own photography. This will give you some structure to the way you make your art. But don’t let anyone else dictate this to you — you must discover it yourself.

Keep your photography personal. And shoot for yourself, by yourself.


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