Sydney, 2016 #suits

How to Retire Today

Sydney, 2016 #suits
Sydney, 2016 #suits

Why do we plan for retirement when we are 65 and older– why not retire today?

Thought experiment

Imagine you were 70 years old and retired. That means you no longer need to go into your 9-5 job or office to pay the rent, and make a living.

What would you do with the rest of your life?

The first answers generally include traveling, relaxing, picking up some new hobbies, taking more photos, spending more time with family, and the such.

Aren’t these all things that are achievable today?

What if you made it to ‘retirement’?

We’ve all seen it— people who do eventually retire, and they die (mentally). They become depressed, because they no longer find meaning from their daily work. They become bored, because they are no longer part of a community. They lack enthusiasm for life, or a reason to live. Life becomes too easy and comfortable, and they deteriorate, and end up just watching a lot of television.

What is meaningful to you?

I think the mistake we make is that we think that not working is preferable. I think the correct answer is that we don’t want to do unmeaningful work. We only want to work on what brings us joy, meaning, and self-satisfaction.

The sad reality is many of us won’t be able to have the chance, luxury, or the opportunity to do what we love for a living. However, you do have have control over how you use your free time. More importantly, how not to use your free time.

Think about your #1 priority in life. What is it? Your family? Your kids? Your photography? Your creative work? Your contribution to your society?

You can only have one priority in life. The word priority comes from the word prior or beginning. We’ve screwed up the word by saying priorities. But it is impossible to have more than one priority in life.

How to retire whenever

In order to retire today, it doesn’t mean to quit your job, and suddenly pack your bags and travel the world. Rather, it means finding more peace, tranquility, and happiness in the life you already live, the money you already have, the things you already possess.

To retire today means to be less distracted by what is superfluous or important to you. It means devoting all your physical and mental energy (whenever possible) to what you are passionate about. It means being more present with your family, loved ones, and spending more time after work or on the weekends to pursue your side-hobbies.

Don’t delay, retire today. Because what guarantee do you have that you will live to be 65 or 75? Or what guarantee do you even have that you will live to see tomorrow? I know people who have had heart attacks, died in their sleep, or died from overdosing on drugs at some party. Or got hit by drunk drivers. Other people have died in a single day from a food allergy, a bee sting, or while texting and walking.

Make the best of today, and you won’t desire tomorrow.