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The Universe Will Provide For You

berkeley cindy project black and white
Berkeley, 2016 #cindyproject

Most of us live in fear— fear of not being able to pay the rent, fear of not feeding ourselves, or fear of not providing for our families.

Over 2,000 years ago — Jesus told us to not worry, God provides for the crows and all the animals.

And the truth is that in today’s world, all our basic needs are met. Most of us have somewhere to live (although it might be a tiny apartment, in a poor neighborhood). Most of us have enough to eat (more people now die from heart disease than starving to death). Most of us have all the tools to create (smartphones, laptops, digital cameras).

What else do we need?

What do we want?

These are things which we want— but things we don’t necessarily need:

  • We want social status (we want our peers to admire us, and think we are ‘successful’)
  • We want luxury (we want nice comfortable cars, comfortable and fancy apartments, and designer clothes)
  • We want ‘better’ gadgets (newer smartphones, cameras with more megapixels, faster devices)

But all of these things aren’t necessary. They are mostly superfluous. They are distractions.

What is holding you back?

What is your dream in life? What do you feel is your purpose in life? Why were you put on the earth?

And not only that— what is preventing you from pursuing your dreams? Is it fear of failure? Fear of paying the bills? Fears of losing social status? Fear of losing all your toys, luxuries, and devices?

You have nothing to lose

When you no longer have anything to lose, you will gain everything.

Know that no matter who you are, or what you believe in, the universe will always provide for you.

Keep follow your heart’s treasure, and if you do, the universe will conspire in your favor (Paulo Coehlo, ‘The alchemist’).

Be strong,

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