Sean Lotman on Composition

I consider Sean Lotman the best color street photographer in Japan (if not, my personal favorite contemporary street photographer). He just published “Sunlanders” — like looking at Japan through acid or LSD.

Sean shoots all color slide film (then cross-processes the photos by himself in his own color darkroom at home). Not only that, but he prints, dodges, and burns all his work — that is how he gets hi psychedelic colors in his photos.

I’m currently teaching a 2-day Kyoto Composition Workshop with him and Junku Nishimura. Above is the lecture that Sean gave on composition during the workshop. Hope you enjoy!

Photos from “Sunlanders”

sunlanders1 sunlanders2 sunlanders3 sunlanders6 sunlanders7 sunlanders9

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Portrait of Sean Lotman, Kyoto, 2016
Portrait of Sean Lotman, Kyoto, 2016

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