What if You Feared Nothing?

Downtown LA, 2016
Downtown LA, 2016

What if you had no fear in your photography?

What if whenever you saw a scene or a person you wanted to photograph, you didn’t hesitate— and clicked the shutter? How many more photos would you make that you were proud of?

What if you had no fear of publishing your opinion as a blog or a video? How much more creative could you be, and how could you better express yourself?

What if you didn’t have the fear of selling your photos or photographic services. Could you make your photography a living? Could you empower others even more, and become a better photographer?

Downtown LA, 2015
Downtown LA, 2015

Fuck fear. There is no good reason we should have any more fear in today’s world.

The only “rational” thing we should fear of is death. Fear of death is what prevents me from drinking and driving, from going skydiving, or insulting someone with a face tattoo.

But with our photography, our personal lives, and entrepreneurial aspirations— we don’t have anything realistic to be fearful of.

What do we fear? Do we fear getting negative feedback? Do we fear people unfollowing us on social media? Do we fear not living up to the expectations of others, or of ourselves? Do we fear losing our jobs, becoming homeless, and starving to death?

Downtown LA, 2015
Downtown LA, 2015

My suggestion: cut the downside of fear, and keep the upside of fear.

The downside of fear: we don’t take photos we want to take, we don’t talk to people we want to talk to, we don’t take risks we want to take.

The upside of fear: it shows us possibilities of growth.

For example, whenever I see a scene that makes me feel afraid, that is when I know it might be a good photograph.

So lean towards your fear. Photograph what you’re afraid of. And only then can you grow.