The Joys of Looking


I don’t know about you, but I love to look.

I love to stare. I love to see.

For me, a photographer is someone who likes to see, to look, and to capture what they see.

For example, whenever I walk around, I love to look at everything. There are a lot of things I like to look at, which I don’t feel obliged to photograph. But I still love to look at these things.

When I enter a new restaurant, cafe, or place, I love to be nosey, and to look around. If there is a second-floor, I love to just walk around, and just to look. Because I am curious.

Seeing over photographing

Be a professional “looker” — not a professional “photographer.”

You can look whenever. There is a joy of seeing. A joy of sight. A joy of seeing things in the world which are interesting, special, and unique.

Appreciate things without photographing

Also know that you don’t always need to photograph everything you see that is interesting. Often for me, I can look at something, value it, and not photograph it — and feel happy.

Keep looking

Always be grateful for your gift of seeing. And never stop being curious. Keep looking. And capturing what you find truly personally-meaningful.


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