Street Photography Shootout: iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Probably the most fun video I’ve done in a long time: a street photography “Shootout” with bigheadtaco in Vancouver. He used his iPhone 5s while I used my Galaxy S6. The point of the video was to show that smartphones are more than capable cameras for street photography, and often more fun, accessible, and easy.

What are your thoughts on shooting street photography on your smartphone? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Street Photography Shootout: iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S6”

  1. Great video Eric.

    A little tip for the Samsung Pro Mode:
    When you’re in the pro mode you can also touch and hold an area to lock the focus and exposure. A blue circle will then appear to mark that area. After that you can also separate the exposure metering from the AF metering when you swipe away from the blue circle to get two circles. I like that especially for photographing silhouettes.

    Another nice app is ProShot ( It just launched for Android but is also available for iOS and Windows Phone. It requires the 5.1 Update that’s currently rolling out for the S6 but then you’ve full control over the shutter speed and the option to also shoot raw. Although most people might prefer jpeg on a phone. It’s currently on sale.

  2. Todd A. Agostini Sr.

    Good vid… I wish I could use the “Asian Tourist” play… It is such a photography curse to be a 6’2” 350lb Italian guy LOL !!!!

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