Paris GoPro Street Photography POV #4

Hey Streettogs, here is the last gopro video I got from Paris! I hope this gives you some ideas and insights on how I shoot street photography.

My ultimate lesson in Paris (as well in every country), as long as you shoot with confidence, a smile, and without hesitating, you generally have no problems. I shot there for about 2 weeks solid, and only had one negative incident of a confrontation.

I have found most Parisians to be very friendly and open (despite what foreigners have told me). I’ve picked up some French phrases, make an effort to try to speak French, and people are generally very happy to see me try.

Paris is certainly one of the most beautiful places to shoot street photography in the world. If you ever have the chance, come visit, and don’t forget to tell people: “Merci beaucoup” (thank you very much).

2 thoughts on “Paris GoPro Street Photography POV #4”

  1. Eric, I am not sure you realised it or if it was on purpose but the “The Street Photography Composition Manual” seems to be stuck to the top. Maybe it was on purpose but I didn’t even realise you had written new posts.


    Thanks for this video Eric! How did u come over the fair of feeling shy or embarrassed, like I do sometimes! It feels like I’m stealing something from someone, when I’m only taking photos and I must come over that feeling, cause I love streetphotography:-) /Isabella from Sweden

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