Video: How to Overcome Photographer’s Block

Inspired by the recent free e-book I wrote: “How to Overcome Photographer’s Block,” I also made a video (for those of you who prefer audio as well).

For audio, you can listen below:

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Read more to see all the topics I cover, as well as the assignments.

Here are some topics I cover in this video:

  1. How to overcome perfectionism
  2. On giving yourself permission to make bad art
  3. How to overcome paralysis by analysis
  4. Thinking “Life-photography integration”
  5. The best camera bag is no camera bag
  6. The importance on focusing on the process, not the outcome in photography
  7. The importance of going to random places in town, traveling, and injecting more novelty into your life
  8. Experimenting with film, medium-format, color, or digital
  9. Sticking with one camera and one lens
  10. Buy books, not gear
  11. The importance of connecting with other photographers
  12. Pick up a different art
  13. Have caffeine
  14. Publish your work
  15. Ask for critiques
 Lastly, here are some specific assignments you can try to overcome photographers’ block:
  • Assignment #1: Shoot a roll of film everyday for 30 days
  • Assignment #2: Don’t upload your photos for 6 months
  • Assignment #3: Start a photo blog
  • Assignment #4: Shoot an entire day without film or a memory card
What are some tips you have for overcoming photographer’s block? Share them in the comments below!