Street Photography Quick Links: April 2015

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A monthly compilation of interesting reads, videos, books/zines, or portfolios to follow about street photography or other related genres. Check out the April 2015 edition.

Portfolio Finds San Francisco Edition

These gentlemen together with other great street photographers based in SF recently had an exhibition, Alone Together. There was also a zine released that coincides with the show. If you want to have a copy of the zine, info is right here.

Troy Holden

Troy also did a photographer in residence takeover for Fotografia Magazine. Check out his interview here.

Ben Molina

Ben was recently interviewed about his work by Eric over at Leica camera blog. You can check that out here.

Joe Aguirre

Most readers of Eric’s blog are probably familiar with Joe already but for those who aren’t, check out Eric’s video interviews here and here.

In Memoriam

Lars Tunbjörk

Mr. Tunbjörk is probably one of the best color photographers that ever held a camera. If i’m not mistaken, the color movement that was happening in America in the 70’s he was also doing in Europe. His portfolio is an excellent treasure trove excellent photograph and visual storytelling. If you are going to check out a work of his, look at Office. It is his take on the eerie world of the modern workspace. Showing the absurdity of tangled cables, cramped cubicles, and metallic surfaces that conveys a corporate hell.

From the Community!

I asked the streettogs academy members if they have been on the recieving end of a street photograph. Click here to see all the responses.

More comments and reactions from world press photo

World Press Photo Mads Nissen’s acceptance award speech.

“Before stepping on a landmine, Robert Capa was quoted for saying: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” and I always felt, that was a cliché macho comment. But maybe, I wasn’t fair to Capa. Maybe, we just need to, rediscover his words to something like this: “If our pictures aren’t good enough, we’re not emotionally close enough…”

– Mads Nissen

Fact and Ficition in Photography

James Estrin compiles some thoughts, comments, and reactions regarding WPP 2015 for the New York times.

News, Interesting Reads, and Other things

Photobook recommendation: Via Vauxhall by Niall McDiarmid

I’ve been following Niall’s tumblr for sometime now and saw how the book developed. The portraits and candid moments are centered on the commuters of Vauxhall. They are calm images of people making their way. Excellent command of light, color, or collaboration with his subjects.

Check out this interview of Niall about the book (Once again by Fotografia Magazine. That site is slowly becoming a favorite of mine) and a chance to win a copy of it! (Until May 10, 2015 only)

Photography in Period of Change by Marco Bohr via Visual Culture Blog

Marco discusses some of his picks in this year’s FORMAT Photo Festival in Derby. I personally think that photography is in a constant period of change as it is inherent in the nature but not as rapid and as polarizing as we are experiencing now. Even so, as photographers, we still have to create and make sense of everything.


Sally Mann articles:

Sally Mann’s exposure by Sally Mann via New York Times

She goes all out revealing her thoughts and emotions describing what it is like to make a deeply personal project. It’s a long read but it is this month’s MUST READ.

A lesson from Sally Mann: Just take the picture

Photographer Leslye Davis for the New York Times found out that sometimes, you just have to take the picture especially if Sally Mann tells you to do so.

The Meaning of Film’s Decline via Fototazo

This is one is for those who #BelieveinFilm. It offers a different take on the argument and shows that nostalgia can’t fuel film’s resurgence.

Bookmark this one: EDITING 101: A quick guide to editing your photo stories using stickies via Invisible Photographer Asia.

I still look back at this article from time to time when staring at my photographs doesn’t seem to do anything. Worth a quick look and bookmark!

15 Pieces of Advice for emerging photographers via FeatureShoot

Here’s the answer of one of my new favorites, Amy Lombard:

“Every single thing you do in life matters. Be aware of that, and more importantly, be proactive about it. It could be something as simple as seeing a certain film, making a new friend, or taking a job you would never expect yourself to do. It’s sort of the mentality that your life is a movie and in the grand scheme of things, these little moments affect your vision and career in ways you might not realize at the time. For me personally, I can tie specific projects or photographs I had taken that were ultimately a response to one of these instances.”


To cap off this month’s edition of Street Photography Quick Links, check out this TEDx talk by David Alan Harvey submitted to me by Fabricio Santos. Thanks for this one!

If you have any links you want me to check out, please do send them my way through twitter via @agdemesaphoto

See you again next month!

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