Part of my on-going "Suits" project.
Part of my on-going "Suits" project.
Part of my on-going “Suits” project. SF, 2014.

One thing to remind myself: street photography is supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun, why are you doing it?

We all have the stresses of everyday life that we have to deal with. We have to deal with stressful commutes, unreasonable bosses, difficulties at home, drama with friends and family, and financial stresses and worries.

Street photography is supposed to be the exact opposite of that.

Street photography is therapy for the mind, soul, and body. Street photography is a chance to (momentarily) escape all the bullshit of everyday life. Street photography is the chance to empty our minds, and to simply stray the streets without a single oppressive thought in our mind.

Street photography is the chance to wander, to explore, and to feel like a child again.

Street photography is the chance to meet interesting strangers on the streets, to enjoy nice and fun conversations, and to meet other like-minded passionate people.

Street photography is having the thrill of the “hunt”— of trying to find an interesting image (in an area that might be boring).

Whenever street photography becomes like a chore or stressful for you, take a break. You’re doing something wrong.

You shouldn’t treat street photography like a job. Treat it like leisure. Treat street photography as an activity that brings you supreme happiness and joy in your life. Treat street photography as an outlet which makes you feel truly alive.

Don’t compare yourself to other street photographers. After all, their life circumstances are different from yours. Perhaps they don’t have a family and have much more free time to shoot than you. Perhaps they live in a more “interesting” city than you do. Perhaps they are better connected, and therefore are more “famous” than you.

Strive to become the best street photographer you can, and enjoy the journey and the process.

Be like a kid again— have fun like a child in the playground for the first time.

The street is our playground.

Now go hit the pavement and have fun :)


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  1. The biggest “no fun” factor in street photography these days for me is the guilt factor… I feel like the hostility towards photographers is increasing, at least in the part of the world I’m in.

    I still do it, but I can’t deny that I feel uneasy often and that there are, at times, photos I don’t take because of that.

    I don’t think I’m doing something wrong.

  2. This is a great post, & I completely agree with you. Its very relaxing to get out & photographing the people & activities you stumble upon.

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