Video Interview with Kile Brewer, Photojournalist and Street Photographer from Missouri

I met Kile Brewer at the Magnum workshop here in Provincetown. He is a 24-year old working photo-journalist, who attended the University of Missouri’s Journalism program. He was one of the under-30 scholarship winners, attending a workshop with Costa Manos, and also my roommate for the week here in Provincetown (we go on romantic walks in the morning). Check out my casual interview him (shot on the iPad) with him above, and follow him below:

Photos by Kile

On the Run 01 Brewer_Kile_03 Brewer_Kile_12 Brewer_Kile_13 Brewer_Kile_14 Brewer_Kile_15 Brewer_Kile_19 Brewer_Kile_20

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