500 Reasons Why You Should Shoot with a 500mm Lens for Street Photography

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As street photographers, the gear we use is very important. It shows our identity, how much money we have in our bank accounts, and how serious we are about our street photography.

The bigger the lens you shoot with street photography, the better. I personally recommend the Sigma 200-500mm lens for street photography. Why? Let me explain in this article below with these 500 copyrighted tips below!

1. You don’t have to interact with human beings


The most important part of being a street photographer is to be hidden when shooting street photography. For no reason shall we make eye contact with our subjects. To be hidden is key.

The 500mm allows you to photograph people without worrying about “social interaction.” You can simply prop up a monopod behind a tree, and be patient for “the decisive moment.”

As Robert Capa said, “If your photos aren’t good enough, your lens isn’t long enough.”

2. You show how big your bank account is


Nothing shows that you are a serious street photographer unless you have a big camera (and an even bigger lens). I recommend carrying two Canon 1Dx bodies at all times. This way you will always be prepared for the decisive moment, and you will have a bigger camera to show off to your friends.

The next time you meet up with your street photography friends, show them how big your lens is and how serious you are about street photography. It is easy to smash their other inferior cameras and lenses with the Sigma 500mm lens. If their lenses are worth less than $26,000– you can laugh right into their faces.

Remember, street photography isn’t about the photographs. It is about bragging rights.

3. You can capture “the decisive moment” 5 miles away


Ever see a couple kissing from two miles away but weren’t able to capture it? No problem. Just shoot it with your full-frame 1DX and 500mm sigma lens, and don’t forget to strap on a 2x teleconverter. You can crop to your eye’s delight.

Do you want to capture the exact detail of the pimple of the girl sitting in a chair? No worries, you can crop it 100% and see it in glorifying detail.

4. It can double as a weapon


One of the things we need to be the most concerned about as street photographers is getting attacked by our subjects who do not like our approach. Therefore if they ever try to harass you or approach you, the 500mm Sigma lens can always double as a weapon.

At 150 pounds and made out of solid titanium steel, it can take on any potential thief or contender.

Remember, the most important thing on the streets is to always be safe. Who needs a gun when you have a bazooka?

5. I can’t think of a #5


I need more coffee.


haha sigma

Real street photographers use big lenses. If you shoot anything less than a 500mm, you cannot be taken seriously.

At the end of the day, it is all about the image (not the photos you take but your reputation).

Remember what Cartier-Bresson once told us: “The photograph itself doesn’t interest me. I want only want to use expensive cameras and lenses.” 

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