Discover the Streets of Calcutta, India: Week-long Introduction to Design/Composition Workshop with Eric Kim and Adam Marelli (12/10-12/14)

Join Eric Kim and Adam Marelli…

Street Photography Workshop: Introduction to Design/Composition

Calcutta [INDIA] – December 10th-14th

Eric’s Note: I am excited to announce that I will be teaching another unique 5-day workshop in Calcutta, India with NYC  photographer and master composition teacher Adam Marelli. Adam Marelli has a keen eye for design, composition, and capturing “the decisive moment”. He holds a degree in Sculpture and Photography from New York University and studied at the Barnstone Studios. If you are serious about your street photography, and wanting to take it to the next level – check out this unique workshop opportunity! 

Why India?

Photograph by Adam Marelli

India is a photographer’s paradise. Its ancient traditions and modern drive reveal a country caught between two worlds. Calcutta, with its mixture of British Colonialism and is no exception. On the one hand, its spirituality can be felt daily in the temples where priests still bless visitors with the powers of local deities. These guardians oversea the everyone from the modest beggar to the international tycoon. Nothing in India occurs without a blessing from the gods.

For travelers it is challenging to understand how a country, so steeped in tradition can move so quickly towards the future. Even more baffling is how the priest, the student, and the billionaire can all live on the same block. These seeming contradictions make India one of the most fascinating places for photography in the world.

Transform Your Photography

Photograph by Adam Marelli

Now it is time to open your photography to a new level of growth. Beyond the forums and websites, the Calcutta Photography Workshop is designed to Reveal the Techniques of Design made specifically for photographers. Every day you will be treated to private instruction and guided shooting in real life settings. Our goal is a modest one: We want to transform the way you see photography and the world in front of the lens.

Explore the limitless possibilities so that you are never again bored with your pictures. Share your thoughts with like minded photographers as we explore Calcutta together. Discover your personal style, the purest expression of your mind’s eye.

You and your camera will be led on a guided exploration to learn “How to See like a Master Artist.” Many of the design principles were reserved for serious artists and are never taught in photography programs. But in this special (5) day workshop, you will learn the secrets of Classical Design that pioneers like Henrì Cartier-Bresson inherited from drawing, to revolutionize the world of Photography.

Who is Invited

Photograph by Eric Kim

The Calcutta Workshop is open to all levels of photographers from beginner to professional. Since the Classical Design is rarely taught, everyone will start at the same level. We do ask that you are familiar with the basic functions of your camera so you can take full advantage of the teaching. We would like to ask that those who choose to participate are no strangers to travel.


Photograph by Adam Marelli

Over the course of (5) days there will be progressive lectures and slide presentations to highlight the principles of design in Art and Photography in an easy to follow format. By comparing the traditions of Painting and Photography you will uncover a the shared language of design used for over 50,000 years! We will also shoot with you in the streets to apply these concepts in real-life.

What Will You Learn

Photograph by Eric Kim

We believe that you will walk away from this workshop with tangible skills to evaluate your own work. It goes without say that we will have a fantastic time, but we believe it is more important that your photography becomes significantly better than when we started. Having taught many of these techniques private to students over the years, we are 100% confident that YOUR pictures will never be the same.

What previous students have said about Eric and Adam’s workshops

“Adam & Eric: you guys showed that you were genuinely passionate about photography, teaching it, sharing it and were always encouraging with the right amount/balance of objective critique. You guys produce the right balance of chemistry for a 5 day workshop and you have real passion for photography and teaching it. Plus you are all-round great guys!” – Glen Goh (Venice/Verona Workshop)

Glen Goh taking a landscape photo of Quinterelli’s world-famous vineyard in Verona. Photograph by Børge Indergaard

“I have to say the workshop you and Adam organized was AWESOME.  You both have very distinct styles in your approach which complimented the groups learning style.  I had a lot of time to think about this past weekend on my flight home and without being to sappy or cliche — it was a “life changing” in some ways.  My confidence level increased ten fold(and even more with your compliements below — thank you), my sense of design and compostion of what’s a good photo and whats bad has completly been changed and being around others who have that same passion of street photography was priceless. A huge round of applause to both you and Adam — you guys ROCKED!”

Warren Emmons (NYC Workshop)

Myself taking a photograph of students metering off their hands at Adam and my NYC Workshop. Warren Emmons on the far right. Photograph by Lisa Osta

“Eric Kim really thought me how to approach people and to not be afraid to actually connect with people in the streets. Just watching Eric work his way through a crowd of people and how he gets everyone to do what he wants is just incredible. I have never seen a human being that gets along with so many strangers in such a short period of time – ever. Even with the language barriers that were apparent he pulled of everything so smoothly. It’s just a sight to be seen. Very impressive!

Adam Marelli opened my eyes in regards to composition. The way you use the backgrounds and subjects as elements within a scene and how you try to arrange all the elements perfectly together is just amazing. Some of the tips that I received from Adam was so good that I find myself browsing through old photographs that I took to actually learn from my own mistakes, and, how I can improve myself based on how I previously composed my pictures.”

Borge Indergaard (Venice/Verona Workshop). Read his full review here.

Borge and myself talking about street photography in Venice. Photograph by Arnulf Johansen

After The Workshop You Will Know

Photograph by Eric Kim
  1. How to apply Dynamic Symmetry to transform your photos from snapshots to Art
  2. How to Master the 35mm Sensor format for street photography
  3. How to “Set a Scene” by using light and architecture to your advantage
  4. How to identify “The Decisive Moment” before it happens
  5. The fundamentals of Figure to Ground Relationships to make your subjects pop
  6. The Secret Language of Design, hardly taught to photographers
  7. How to critique the formal qualities of any image
  8. How to create depth and compose multiple subjects in your images
  9. How to avoid common mistakes that plague many photographers
  10. Are you using the right lens?” Discover which focal lengths best suits your style

Travel & Accommodation

Photograph by Adam Marelli

The price of the workshop does not include travel (taxis, flight) & accommodation (hotel).


For flights, we recommend that you use to find the best deal on wherever you are coming from. For taxis & transportation on-the-ground, Adam will be able to send you a separate email with more information once you register.


For accommodation, we recommend Hotel Kenilworth in Calcutta. It has one of the best ratings on TripAdvisor, is centrally located in the city, and has reasonable rates. This is where Adam and Eric will be staying.

Please email Eric Kim at for assistance booking your hotel room.

Spouse & Partners

For this workshop it would also be ideal to bring along your spouse, partner, or significant other. Your companions may join us during meals, but not during the group critique or shooting sessions.

What You Should Bring To the Workshop

Photograph by Adam Marelli
  • Camera
    • Digital camera (DSLR, Leica, Micro 4/3rds, Point and shoot, etc). A film camera is not recommended for the workshop (as we will be editing/post-processing our images everyday) but feel free to bring it along.
  • Lenses
    • It is recommended that you shoot with a prime-lens for the workshop (24mm, 28mm, 35mm, or 50mm). If you do not have a prime lens (only zoom lenses) please bring what you have.
  • Memory cards & Spare Batteries
    • Due to the nature of the trip, it is recommended that you bring a total of 3 memory cards & batteries. After all, nothing is worse than having a faulty memory card/batteries when on a week-long expedition.
  • Laptop
    • It is necessary that you have a laptop for this trip for editing & post-processing your work everyday. Also please download the software we will be using for the workshop below.
  • Download:
    • Lightroom 4: We will edit our images via Lightroom 4. If you don’t have Lightroom 4, please download a trial on Adobe’s website.
    • Lightroom 4 Presets: You can download my free street photography presets here.
    • Silver Efex Pro: At times, we will use Silver Efex Pro for black and white conversions. Install it for Lightroom 4.
      • Download a free 15-day trial here.
  • Notepad and pen
    • Although all the slides presented during the workshop will be emailed to you afterwards, please bring a notepad and pen to take notes during the workshop.
  • Clothing
    • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as we will be out shooting everyday. It is also recommended that you pack light to enjoy shooting the streets of Calcutta!

Workshop Time and Fee

Photograph by Adam Marelli

Dates: December 10-14 (5 days), 2012.

Location: Calcutta, India

Times: 9:30am-6pm (everyday)

Workshop Fee: 2000 USD (1495 USD early-bird discount if you submit your deposit in full before 11/25)

Workshop cap: An intimate cohort of 8 individuals.

Contact : Eric Kim (


If you would like to register click the button below. If you have any questions, please email Eric Kim at

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Instructor Biographies


Photograph by Thorsten Overgaard

Artist & photographer, Adam Marelli is based in New York City. His projects explore the ancient crafts of building, maestros in their workshops, and designs handed down through generations. Whether he is photographing a master carpenter, dodging fish at a local market, or at the drafting table, he is in constant search of the threads which bind our cultures together.

When he noticed a shortage of design instruction geared towards photographers, he opened the doors of his studio, where he teaches the lost lessons of Classical Design. The success of his methods saw him named as the Leica Akademie’s Resident Photographer in New York City. His advice is regularly featured in the “Ask the Contractor” column in the New York Times, he was a lecturer at New York University, and continues to pursue projects at home and abroad. His writings on photography appear on the Gothamist and Phaidon Press. Invisible Exports gallery represents his work in New York City and he is exhibiting right now with Otto Luogo dell’Arte in Florence Italy.

Take advantage of Adam’s unique perspective on photography and travel on the workshop of your choice. See why he believes that Success is not Accidental.


Photograph by Gary Tyson

Eric Kim comes equipped with a boundless excitement for photography. He gives every ounce of himself sharing everything he knows with the workshop attendees. He is an international street photographer from Los Angeles with a passion in interacting with his subjects, who is never afraid to get close to his subjects. He travels around the world to teach street photography workshops to passionate shooters. He has had exhibitions at the Leica store in Korea, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne. He has also exhibited his work in Cambodia and Downtown LA.

Eric has taught a university-level course on on street photography at UC Riverside titled: “All the World’s a Stage: An Introduction to Street Photography”. He was also one of the judges for the international London Street Photography Competition 2011. His past workshops include locations such as Switzerland, Beirut, Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Sydney, London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Stockholm, and Berlin.

You can see Eric’s portfolio on his website here.

Video from our previous week-long workshop in Venice/Verona

Below is a fun video that we made that highlighted some of our experiences in Venice/Verona:

Previous Workshops with Eric & Adam

NYC: Introduction to Street Photography with Eric Kim & Adam Marelli
Venice/Verona: Introduction to Design & Composition Workshop with Adam Marelli & Eric Kim

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After you register, we will send you an email regarding the deposit and payment options.

Register soon, spots are running out!