Street Photography Weekly Assignment #8: “Motion” Winners

I am excited to share that this week’s winner for the “Motion” street photography assignment is Timothy Cadman hailing from NYC!

When I first saw Timothy’s photograph, it instantly popped out at me. I felt the sense of anxiety, confusion, and the pulse of the city of New York City through his photograph. Also considering the fact that the man is wearing a suit and a tie adds to a feeling of oppression, as I see a suit and a tie in such a dark film noir sense as something oppressive. Not only that, but the subject’s head is in the middle of the sky, which gives his face some separation from the background, and the neon lights on the left and right side of his head frame him nicely in the center. Once again, the feeling of “motion” in this shot is very apparent with the streaks of light and shadow around the man.

Timothy is going to now choose the new assignment for assignment #9 (to be announced).

Stay updated on the blog and my Facebook fan page for more details! Let’s all give him a round of applause in the comments below!


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