Christopher Anderson, Magnum Photographer, Interview with VICE

VICE recently did an episode for their on-going series called “Picture Perfect” with Christopher Anderson, Magnum photographer. It is a great short video documentary on Anderson, that feels very intimate and discusses some of his past, present, and future projects. Also for those who are curious (who finished watching the video) he survived the sinking of a handmade boat in the Caribbean by wearing a EPIRB, a satellite transmitter which sent a signal to the US Coast Guard (that saved everybody on board).

Anderson is one of my favorite Magnum photographers due to his soulful imagery, and intimate and personal approach. His photos make me feel that I am really there- along with all the action, drama, and human conflict. Not only that, but he has done a wide breadth of work that range from conflicts in war, photographs of his son and father, as well as a project he is currently working on in NYC. You can see some of his images on the Magnum Photos site here.

Also make sure to check out my book review of his recently completed work, “Capitolio” here.

Photos from Anderson

Below are some of my favorite photos from Anderson in his book, “Capitolio”.

 Books by Christopher Anderson

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