A Street Photography Book You Must Buy: “The Suffering of Light” by Alex Webb

Alex Webb’s recent book, “The Suffering of Light” is his seminal book encompassing his entire career shooting color street photography. During several decades he traveled across the world, primarily in Latin-American countries, using Kodachrome slide film to capture the intense color and light of the societies he visited. His images are full of life and are beautifully complex, and crosses many borders and dips into photojournalism and fine art as well.

If you love street photography and are especially drawn to color, definitely pick up a copy of “The Suffering of Light” today. It is definitely one of my top-10 favorite street photography books of all time.

Interested in learning more? Check out my blog post, “10 Things Alex Webb Can Teach You About Street Photography“.

What draws you most into Webb’s work? Share your thoughts about his work in the comments below! 

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