Street Photography Weekly Assignment #5: View Point Winners

(Above image by Nick Kenrick)

Eric: Congratulations to Nick Kenrick for winning the Weekly Assignment #5 for “View Point”. Myself and Charlie loved the viewpoint that he captured from an unusually high vantage point, the simplicity of the leading lines, the complex curves, and the minimalism with that one man in the bottom.

Runners-up include Antoine Brsslt, which reminds us of a classic Elliott Erwitt shot (shot from ground level), while Joe Aguirre got an impressive shot of a man from a low vantage point, with his arms crossed – looking tough, cigarette in-mouth.  Congrats again and stay tuned for this week’s assignment! All of the weekly winners demonstrate a strong viewpoint from high, mid, and low.

Antoine Brsslt
Joe Aguirre
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